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No idle hands here: How Prestonians stay busy while isolating

KINGWOOD — With the coronavirus closing bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other non-essential businesses, people have a lot more free time on their hands.

Although social distancing has confined people to their homes, there are still a lot of things to do to ward off cabin fever. With summer and gardening around the corner it is a good time to start an indoor garden, update your library or dig out stored puzzles.

Preston County residents are fighting boredom in a variety of ways.

Beverly Gribble, who works an essential delivery job, said she goes to work and goes home. “I don’t go out and I don’t do the shopping,” she said.

Gribble said she keeps busy by taking care of the pets and helping to prepare meals when she is home. She keeps in touch with family and friends via her smart phone.

Chuck Rinks, a registered nurse at Preston Memorial Hospital, said when he is not at work he and his girlfriend work on a variety of projects. He said they are currently working on a greenhouse and planting fruit trees. Last year they planted berries.

“We’re hoping to have a greenhouse soon,” he said.

Rinks said he can always find a way to fight boredom. “We play with our cats, cook a lot, work on the house, play music and love each other.”

He said he also plays online video games with friends and is working to clear downed trees on the property.

Dee Hartman and her husband run a home business, Designs by Dee. Her business is a non-essential one, but she said she spends a lot of time sewing. Hartman said she recently crocheted two octopus toys for a friend whose young son is on a ventilator.

“She wanted them so he would have something soft to hold onto rather than the ventilator,” Hartman said.

She said her husband, Terry, keeps busy chopping wood and working on his truck.

“We both work on the house,” Hartman said. “And we only go out when we have to get pet food, prescriptions or groceries. We try to be cautious and wear gloves at the gas pumps.”

Lindsey Miller works an essential job at a

“When I’m not at work I’m taking care of my dog and playing online computer games with friends and cleaning,” she said.

Terry Hartman chopping wood for his wood stove.
Chuck Rinks poses with his guitar.