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MedExpress Urgent Care offers testing

MedExpress Urgent Care is providing COVID-19 testing at designated locations in Morgantown. Testing will only be available to those who meet CDC-based screening criteria and as testing supplies remain available.

Participating area MedExpress offices are on Maple Drive in Morgantown and Emily Drive in Clarksburg.

If you are seeking COVID-19 testing, visit to review the CDC-based screening criteria prior to visiting. If you believe the screening criteria apply to you, please call your local MedExpress center, and team members will help you determine next steps.

MedExpress centers are open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. daily. For a list of designated MedExpress COVID-19 testing locations, please visit

“As one of the nation’s largest urgent care providers with locations across the country, MedExpress is uniquely positioned to serve our patients and communities by increasing access to COVID-19 testing,” said Dr. Alex Strachan, Chief Medical Officer for MedExpress. “Testing helps us identify people who have the virus so that we can make appropriate care arrangements for them and limit exposure to others in the community.”

Information, recommendations, and guidance contained herein is fluid and is subject to change as new information, recommendations, and guidance is issued by the CDC and state and local health authorities.

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