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Board of Education revised food stop bus list

These are the delivery locations for Monongalia County Schools lunches. This is in addition to Grab & Go, available at any school for Monongalia County students.

Mason Dixon
Bus 320
11 a.m. McCurdysville Community Building
11:10 a.m. Daybrook Church of Christ
11:30 a.m. Davey Jones Turn

12:10 p.m. Old Jakes Run School (old Jr. High School)
12:25 p.m. Mooresville Community Building

Clay Battelle
Bus 245
11:05 a.m. Bula Baptist Church
11:16 a.m. Haught Hallow Road
11:25 a.m. Crossroads Baptist Church
11:40 a.m. Wadestown Methodist Church
11:55 a.m. Shriver’s Farm
Clay Battelle
Bus 356
11:05 a.m. BJ’s Garage
11:10 a.m. Red Barn/Mason Dixon Park
11:20 a.m. Bottom of Days Run/Rt.7
11:35 a.m. Pentress Post Office

11:25 a.m. Dolls Run Church
11:40 a.m. Meadow Ponds

North Elementary/
Eastwood Elementary

Bus 303
11:10 a.m. Circle K Route 119
11:25 a.m. Canyon
11:40 a.m. Canyon Mobile Home Park
12 p.m. Country Squires
12:10 p.m. Cheat Crossing

Mountainview School
Bus 253
11 a.m. Marjorie
11:20 a.m. Ashton Estates
11:40 a.m. Goshen Park n Ride

Bus 351
11 a.m. Rt.73/Halleck
11:15 a.m. Triune Halleck VFD
11:30 a.m. West Virginia Christian Academy/ Rt. 119
11:40 a.m. Healthy Heights

Morgantown High Schools
Bus 330
11 a.m. Little General Willey Street
11:20 a.m. Ice Rink
11:40 a.m. Scott Avenue
12 p.m. St. Francis School

Cheat Lake/University High School
Bus 312
11:10 a.m. Pioneer Village
11:35 a.m. Chestnut Ridge Church

12:30 p.m. Rolling Hills

Bus 304
11:05 a.m. Lake House
11:20 a.m. Twin Knobs
11:30 a.m. Skyview Apartments
11:40 a.m. Treasures

Brookhaven Elementary/SouthMiddle School
Bus 352
11:05 a.m. Kingwood Pike Interstate Bridge
11:20 a.m. Cool Springs Grocery
11:35 a.m. Summers School Road and McKinney Cave Road intersection
11:50 a.m. Old Summers School

Bus 273

11:15 a.m. p.m. Dellslow End/Pixler Hill Road
11:25 a.m. Rock Forge
11:35 a.m. Kroger
11:45 a.m. Long John Silvers

Ridgedale Elementary
Bus 319
11 a.m. Hornbeck/ Harvest Ridge
11:20 a.m. Goshen Bapist Church
11:40 a.m. Opekisi Intersection

Mylan Park School
Bus 254
11 a.m. Lazzelle Union School Road intersection of Taylor Town Road
11:15 a.m. Davis Heights
11:30 a.m. Joe’s Bar
11:45 a.m. Osage on Main Street
12 p.m. Bertha Hill Trailer Park

Mountaineer Middle School
Bus 302
11:10 a.m. Harner Run Road and South Pierpont Road Intersection
11:25 a.m. Stewart Road and U.S. 119 intersection
11:35 a.m. PA State Line Point Marion Road

Bus 255
11 a.m. Woodland Terrace
11:10 a.m. Woodburn Elementary Steps
11:25 a.m. Pineview, old entrance to Mon General

Suncrest Middle School
Bus 327
11:05 a.m. Timberline
11:25 a.m. Riverview & University
11:45 a.m. Chestnut Hill Apartment (Old Toy n Tots)

Bus 402
11:15 a.m. U-Haul Place
11:20 a.m. West Run/Von Voorhis intersection
11:30 a.m. Independence Hills
11:40 a.m. Bakers Ridge Road / Upper St. Clair Village Mobile Home Park
11:50 a.m. Riddle Avenue and West Run intersection

Skyview Elementary/ Westwood
Bus 331
11 a.m. Donnie Citco
11:15 a.m. Arkwright Building
11:30 a.m. Arnettsville School
11:45 a.m. Crown
12 p.m. Hagen’s Church

Bus 283
11:05 a.m. Price Hill Road/River Road intersection
11:15 a.m. Booth Post Office
11:45 a.m. National Curve
12:05 p.m. Pickhandle

Bus 313
11:10 a.m. Westover Circle K
11:25 a.m. Alley A

1:15 p.m. Granville City Park
11:40 a.m. Mona Trailer Park

Bus 275
11:15 a.m. Jere
11:25 a.m. Cassville Church parking lot
11:35 a.m. New Hill
11:45 a.m. Meadow Ponds

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