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FSU hosts art, architecture and design event for students

Fairmont State University hosted an Art, Architecture and Design Exploration Day on Tuesday.

Kylie Ford (right), assistant professor of art at Fairmont State University,observes Amelia McGinty, Melody Maddow and Ethan Carpenter work on their 3-D low relief sculptures. (Ron Rittenhouse/The Dominion Post)

On select days throughout the regular semester, academic-based Exploration Days are held on FSU’s main campus and are an opportunity for regional high school students and instructors to see what the university programs offer.

After students checked in at Colebank Hall and attended an opening session, they were able to participate in rotating sessions.

The day was filled with demonstrations, workshops and studio tours, centering around the creative endeavors of the fields of study.

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Jeff Greenhorn spins a pottery wheel at the Fairmont State University Art and Architecture and Design Expo.

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Logan Elliott shows students from North Marion High School how to make a silk screen at the Fairmont State University Art Architecture And Design Expo.

This year’s event included 10 regional high schools and more than 240 recruits.