Mountaineers for Mutts hosts pop up cat cafe fundraiser and adoption event

MORGANTOWN — Give me a minute. We’re having a catastrophe.

Now, you’d think that line coming from someone with the title “Cat Coordinator” would be a pun.

It wasn’t.

A medical emergency and the oil/water relationship between cats and cat carriers got Friday’s Pop-Up Cat Cafe — hosted by Mountaineers for Mutts in the former BW3 location downtown — off to a bit of a frantic start.

But once the crowd rolled in things started purring right along.

Mountaineers for Mutts is a nonprofit animal rescue organization.

“This is to raise money for our rescue mission and to find homes for these kitties, the aforementioned Cat Coordinator, Patricia Smyth, explained. “People seem to like the idea of socializing with the kittens, having a beverage or a snack. It’s just a fun thing to do on a snowy afternoon in Morgantown.”

Cassie Bambrick is a cat lover. She’s also a resident assistant in a WVU dorm, meaning she can’t have pets.

“Not being able to have one down here has honestly been a struggle. So I just try to help out and support any way I can,” she said.

One way folks help out is by fostering cats until they get adopted.

That’s what Sarah Lemley does as a volunteer with Mountaineers for Mutts.

She was there with her foster cat, Paul Hollywood. He was hanging out in a well appointed cage next to Jasper Frisky.

She said she was rooting for Paul to get adopted, kinda.

“I really miss them when they go,” she said. “I was thinking when I was bringing him here that I’ll probably be sad if he gets adopted. But if someone wants him, that’s great.”