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MUB works on Kingston Drive drainage as Stewart Street issues persist

MORGANTOWN — The effort to address reoccurring road problems across from Shorty Anderson’s Auto Service, at 908 Stewart Street, continued on Wednesday.

Morgantown Utility Board Spokesman Chris Dale said MUB is working to improve drainage along Kingston Drive, where it intersects with Stewart Street.

“MUB crews are installing 40 feet of 16-inch ductile iron culvert beneath Kingston Drive where the road intersects with Stewart Street,” Dale explained. “This will better channel water that now flows from the DOH ditch and across Kingston Drive.”

Dale said MUB will also improve the ditch line along Kingston.

It’s long been understood that moisture is the culprit. Most of the year, that means potholes. In the winter, in means potholes and ice as that stretch of Stewart Street stays wet.

A letter from MUB to the West Virginia Division of Highways dated Jan. 21 explains that based on testing conducted by the utility, the water is coming from a natural source — not a leaking water or sewer line — which flows underground and surfaces through the pavement.

Work crews from the West Virginia Division of Highways dug up a small section of Stewart Street on Jan. 24 to install a drain system, but within days, the patch had already begun to break down.

Dale said the work conducted by MUB is estimated at $9,700.