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Mon Math Field Day winners announced

No algorithm was left unturned by this bunch.

With precision regularity, they dug in and put the traction to trigonometry.

The buttons of those scary, scientific calculators were clicking just like a Bach concerto.

So went Math Field Day 2020 in Monongalia County earlier this month.

Students in grades four through 12 from all Mon County public schools — plus Trinity Christian, St. Francis Central Catholic, Covenant Christian and Morgantown Christian Academy — competed in the annual event Jan. 14-15 at Mylan Park.

Call it, intellectual algebra.

While the equation began as a competition, a lot of it was also about subtracting the intimidation factor of math, as Sherri Cumpston told The Dominion Post previously.

“You’re not gonna get away from math,” said Cumpston, who teaches that subject at Morgantown High School.

That carries over to balancing one’s finances or doubling up on a recipe in the kitchen, she said.

The winners:
Grade 4
First — Leroy Song (North); second — Tessa Abildso (Mountainview); third — Kellen Kinder (Eastwood); fourth/first alternate — Henry Staples (Mountainview); fifth/second alternate — Breanna Li (North).

Grade 5
First — Ryan Karim (North); second — Caden Yao (North); third — Maxwell Abildso (Mountainview); fourth/first alternate — Elliot Jackson (Cheat Lake); fifth/second alternate — Sama Sattout (North).

Grade 6
First — Sanketh Guppi (Suncrest); second — Mark Wang (Suncrest); third — Coleman “CoCo” Guenther (Mountaineer); fourth/first alternate — Maxwell Chen (Covenant Christian); fifth/second alternate — Jacob Lituchy (South).

Grade 7
First — Joyce Hu (Suncrest); second — Shankar Subramani (Suncrest); third — Clair Lu (Suncrest); fourth/first alternate — Daniel Han (Trinity Christian); fifth/second alternate — Austin Luo (Suncrest).

Grade 8
First — Lauren Shen (Suncrest); second — Doug Liu (Suncrest); third — Grace Yan (Suncrest); fourth/first alternate — Andrew Kisner (Mountaineer); fifth/second alternate — Steven Tian (Suncrest).

Grade 9
First — Amy Lu (MHS); second — Carter Herron (MHS); third — Pearl Zhang (MHS); fourth/first alternate — Lucas Marsh (UHS); fifth/second alternate — Eden Gibson (UHS).

Grades 10-12
First — Peter Luo (MHS); second — Ben Shi (MHS); third — Sachin Thaker (MHS); fourth — Van Tran (MHS); fifth — Amanda Wang (MHS); sixth — Harish Karhi-Keyan (MHS); seventh — Alice Guo (MHS); eighth — Owen Gerdes (MHS); ninth — Elana Kurov (MHS); tenth — Kenneth Wang (MHS); eleventh/first alternate — Vladaslav Taylor (UHS); twelfth/second alternate — Asritha Sure (MHS).

Math coach and technology integration specialist Monica McCartney coordinates Math Field Day for Mon County.

The regional competition is March 7 at University High.

Shepherd University is hosting the state championship April 25.

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