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Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore holds public paint drive Saturday

Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., the Mon Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore hosted their first ever Recycled Paint Drive.

The program goes back to their mission of providing the required materials needed for homes locally. Manager Mike Carpenter said they cover Monongalia, Marion and Preston County.

Carpenter adopted the idea from Charleston’s location and has been recycling paint since October, but this is their first paint drive for the public to contribute to. The community came together and over 100 cans of paint were donated.

“Considering it was our first drive, I would consider it a great success,” Carpenter said. “We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of the community as we are nothing without it.”

Carpenter said they accept donations of latex paint no more than five years old and at least half full. Once the paint is categorized and separated by interior or exterior paint, people mix the paint accordingly and repackage it with Habitat paint cans.

“Not only does it support our income and help other people, but it’s also a cheap way to get paint to the public, and on top of that, it keeps paint from ending up in a landfill,” Carpenter said.

Paint costs at the ReStore come to $12 a gallon, which paint mixer Patrick Bowe said is much more affordable than going out to buy a brand-new can of paint. Bowe said the program is something that is very community-based and has been a great program that is making a difference.

The ReStore is also always open to donations of select décor, furniture, building materials and more. All items are sold at thrift store prices and all of the proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

Carpenter has been in a position to help people, which he said he has always felt meant to do.

“It’s nice when your job is actually meaningful and helps you help people,” Carpenter said. “It’s a very unique job. Every day is different … it’s just a rewarding job, and that’s the biggest thing that I take from it every day.”

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