Latest News, West Virginia Legislature

Some bills introduced Jan. 15

Here is a sampling of bills introduced Jan. 15. Local lead sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

SB 473 and 474 deal with parental notice for issuing contraceptives to minors: 473 requires physicians to serve notice; 474 requires public schools to do so.

SB 475 requires county commissions to post the Ten Commandments in their courthouses.

SB 476 is similar it HB 4089, introduced last week. It requires all public, private and parochial schools to provide at least one year of instruction in cursive writing before completion of eighth grade.  

SB 493, to raise the age limit for honorably discharged veterans who want to become firefighters from 35 (the limit for all applicants) to 40.

SB 499 and 503 are similar bills to remove barriers to employment for individuals with criminal records who seek licensure or certification in an occupation governed by state laws, with some senators sponsoring both. Charles Clements, R-Wetzel, Randy Smith, R-Tucker, and Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, are co-sponsors of 499; Sypolt is lead sponsor of 503.

HB 4349 would eliminate the sales tax on small firearms and small-firearms ammunition.

HB 4354, to allow prescription and sale of nabiximol if approved by the FDA. Nabiximol, brand name Sativex, is an oral pain relieving mouth spray containing THC and other cannabinoids.

HR 6 condemns the U.S House of Representatives for impeaching President Trump. Delegate Buck Jennings, R-Preston, co-sponsor.