West Virginia Legislature

Guns, roads, abortions, milk among bills introduced Jan. 13

MORGANTOWN — Here is a sampling of bills introduced Jan. 13. Local lead sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

SB 312 and HB 4128, establishes Child Protective Services caseworker classifications, sets out qualifications, and mandates DHHR create a team of five to 10 caseworkers who specialize in returning kids in out-of-state care to West Virginia. Delegate Amy Summers, R-Taylor, co-sponsor.

SB 314, requires all insurance companies to provide to all patients 18 and under free epinephrine injectors for allergy emergencies.

SB 320, the Farm Fresh Dairy Act, “to allow for the sale and consumption of homemade and farm fresh raw milk and raw milk products and to encourage the expansion of raw milk dairy sales by small farm producers and accessibility of their products to informed end consumers.” Sen. Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, lead sponsor.

SCR 4, to urge Congress to call a constitutional convention to propose an amendment on congressional term limits. Sen. Randy Smith, R-Tucker, lead sponsor; Sens. Charles Clements, R-Wetzel, Sypolt, co-sponsors.

HB 4110, to repeal the Jobs Act, which deals with hiring workers for public construction projects from within the local labor market, which includes large swaths of neighboring states. Delegate Buck Jennings, R-Preston, co-sponsor.

HB 4114, the Informed Consent Protection Act, to provide certain protections for a patient or parent or guardian of a patient who declines or delays receiving a vaccination.

HB 4115, to require compulsory vaccination for public school students; removes references to private and parochial schools.

HB 4120, the return of the bill, which originated in Monongalia County, to require the DOH to develop a formula for allocating road funds among the districts. Delegate John Williams, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegates Summers, Mike Caputo, D-Marion, and Barbara Evans Fleischauer, Rodney Pyles, Danielle Walker, Evan Hanse, all D-Mon, co-sponsors.

HB 4139, the Firearm Protection Act, to make any federal attempts to ban semiautomatic firearms or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm or other limitation on firearms unenforceable in West Virginia.

HB 4150, to prohibit insurance coverage of elective abortions, except via supplemental policies.

The full lists can be found here and here.