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A sampling of bills introduced Jan. 9

Here is a sampling of bills introduced Jan. 9. Local lead sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

SB 152, the Taxation With Representation Act to allow nonresidents of a municipality who work in that municipality and who pay user fees may vote in municipal elections. Sen Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, sole sponsor.
SB 153 and 154, to allow residents (153) and certain nonresidents (154) to operate or ride motorcycles without helmets. Sypolt.
SB 162, establishes a road repair and spending transparency website under the ate auditor, creates a Special Road Repair Fund and an Enhanced Road Repair and Maintenance Program under which it can hire outside contractors. Sen. Charles Clements, R-Wetzel, co-sponsor.
SB 198, another attempt to create the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund.
SB 212, Angel’s Law, to prohibit civil rights violations based on gender identity or sexual orientation.
SB 231, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, same as HB 4007. Sypolt, co-sponsor.
HB 4014, to provide a five-year, $1,000 income tax credit for graduates of in-state or out-of-state four-year educational institutions, community or technical colleges, or trade schools. Delegate Treei Sypolt, R-Preston, co-sponsor.
HB 4016, another go at changing auto inspections from annual to every three years.
HB 4017, to establish a country roads accountability and transparency website under the auditor’s office. Delegate Amy Summers R-Taylor, lead sponsor, Sypolt, co-sponsor.
HB 4018, to set work or volunteer requirements for able-bodied adults on Medicaid. Delegate Buck Jennings, R-Preston, co-sponsor.
HB 4019, the Downstream Natural Gas Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit Act.
HB 4075, to allow a funeral service licensee to solicit business whether after death or while death is impending and to solicit by telephone call or by visit to a personal residence.
HB 4076, to eliminate the permit requirement for storing of a concealed handgun in a vehicle on school property for people over 21. Summers, co-sponsor.
HB 4078, to cap the co-pay for a 30-day supply of insulin at $25.Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegate Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, co-sponsor.

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