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Old School Pizzeria

Family opens Reedsville shop

REEDSVILLE — Rodney and Brandy Wolfe said making pizza is a family tradition.

The Wolfe’s recently opened the Old School Pizzeria in the former Reedsville School.

“My family has owned pizza shops for 30 years,” Rodney said. “It’s something we have a lot of history in.”

He said he is proud to be able to use generations of knowledge at his pizzeria. For example, the recipe he uses for breadsticks and pizza crust is   the same one his mother used.

“We use the same style oven my grandmother used for pizza.  My wife, Brandy, makes our sauce from scratch,” Rodney said.

“Our dough is made fresh every morning, and our sauce is made fresh every couple of hours,” Rodney said. “All of our cheese, pepperoni and vegetables are cut fresh daily.”

“It’s a lot of extra work, but it gives us a better product,” Brandy said.

The pizzeria’s decor reflects past eras. The 1972 jukebox plays old 45 rpm records and a Pac-Man game system offers 60 arcade games from the 80s. The napkin holders on the table encourage customers to drink Coca-Cola.

“I want to find and frame old pictures of the school and the classrooms to hang on the walls,” Rodney said.

Brandy said the effort put into the project is worth it.  

“To begin with, I wasn’t so sure about being in the kitchen all of the time,” Brandy said. “It’s a nice project, and one that we’ve worked on together.”

The couple is working to expand the business.

“We want to provide the community with good, clean fun for the family,” Rodney said. “No alcohol is allowed on the premises.”

He said the deck facing the park will be open next summer for dining.  The main building and the deck are handicap-accessible.

“We want to offer delivery after the first of the year,” Rodney said.

Brandy said they also are going to add to the menu, including her   homemade pepperoni rolls.

“We want to thank the people of the community and our friends for their support,” Rodney said.

He said within two and a half days of opening the pizzeria, they had used 500 takeout boxes.

Brandy said the support from customers is amazing, and she thanked friends helping make their opening   a success.

“On our first day, we had 10 to 20 orders coming in at once,” she said.  “People waited three hours for pizza. Everyone understood the reason for the wait.”

Old School Pizzeria is on South Robert Stone Way in the former Reedsville School, next to the Reedsville Park.

It’s open 11 a.m. -10 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m. -1 a.m. Friday-Saturday, and noon-6 p.m. Sunday. It’s closed Mondays.

To place an order call 304-216-6832.