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Reedsville Shop ‘n Save raises money for West Preston

REEDSVILLE — The customers of Reedsville Shop ‘n Save Express donated $471 to West Preston School to ensure students get a gift at Christmas.

“I remember being in school and not having $5 for the gift exchange,” said Roger Bolyard, the store manager.

The store does a fundraiser for a different charity each year, Bolyard said, and this year West Preston was selected. People were generous, he said, some giving $20 to $25 after learning where the money would go.

A committee comprised of school counselors and administrators will take the names of students nominated by classroom teachers. The money will be used to buy Christmas gifts for the children or ensure they can participate in a classroom gift exchange.

“There’s a lot of kids in the community that really need this kind of thing,” said counselor Matthew Purdy.

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