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Rowlesburg woman pleads to B&E

KINGWOOD — A Rowlesburg woman who told the judge she is undergoing drug rehab pleaded to a single count of an indictment Thursday.  

Adrianna Stottlemyer, 21, pleaded guilty to charges of breaking and entering in Preston Circuit Court.  Under a plea agreement, two counts of conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver meth were dropped.

Stottlemyer also agreed to testify against co-defendant Patrick Allen Hillery. 

Preston Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Megan Allender said on Nov. 4, 2018, the night manager at the Heldreth Motel noticed the key to Room 205 had not been returned and the room was being used without being paid for. She said the night manager called the sheriff’s department.

“When the deputies went to the hotel, they knocked on the door.  Miss Stottlemyer, Patrick Hillery and another individual were in the room,” Allender said. She said the deputies found meth, other drugs, syringes, weights, scales and other drug-related paraphernalia inside.

When Preston Circuit Judge Steve Shaffer asked Stottlemyer if she knew the room wasn’t being paid for, she said she did.

“[Hillery] told me it was paid for,” she said. “The next morning he said it wasn’t. But I continued to stay.”

Allender said she believed the plea agreement offered to Stottlemyer was in the best interest of justice.

“There was only one count (in the indictment) that had a victim, and she is pleading guilty to that one,” Allender said. She said there is no restitution   involved in the case.

Shaffer ordered a presentencing investigation and ordered Stottlemyer to be drug-tested before leaving the courthouse. Stottlemyer told the judge she is in a drug rehabilitation program and has been free of drugs for months.

Sentencing   is scheduled for Dec. 19.