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Suncrest Elementary presents ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’

For several weeks, Suncrest Elementary has prepared a set for and rehearsed scenes from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” set for 7 p.m. Friday-Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday.

Douglas Gaither, Suncrest Elementary principal, said that he chose “Tom Sawyer” because not only is it family-friendly, it’s well-known.

“All the highlights of the Tom Sawyer book are in this show,” Gaither said. “It’s an iconic piece of American literature that has been adapted for children.”

Maddock Hauser, a fifth grader at Suncrest, is one of the two students who will play Tom Sawyer and he is excited for the show.

“I look forward to just being the best me and doing my best,” Hauser said.

Gaither said anyone interested in attending the show can purchase a ticket by calling Suncrest Elementary at 304-291-9347 and speaking to Assistant Principal Sarah Cain.

Admission is $20 and dinner is included with the cost.

Gaither said the pair of students who share the role of Tom Sawyer have read the story, in order to understand the part. He added that the play is an opportunity for students to gain experience on stage and help prepare them for future opportunities.

“In the long-run, it really benefits them when they go for job interviews. It can benefit so much just from performing on that stage,” Gaither said.

The money raised from the show is going toward the purchase of an electronic piano for the school, as well as construction on an outdoor classroom.

Gaither said what is most important to him is being able to make Suncrest the best it can be.

“I just do the job; and for me the job is making sure that every teacher has everything they need to be successful in the classroom and every student benefit from that,” Gaither said.

“[My job is] to make Suncrest Elementary School the best place for everyone who walks in the door.”