What does politics have to do with the holiday? Nothing

Wouldn’t it be nice if we kept politics out of it Thursday.
Just for one day, we would all do well to remember Independence Day is a national day of celebration by Americans about America. Period.
Not a national holiday to hijack and infuse with partisan politics or make a case for “us” or against “them.”
By and large, too much of everything is just enough. So the bigger the celebration of America, the better. More fireworks, more entertainment, more people and more displays of patriotism and ways to share it.
No that doesn’t mean devil-mind-the-cost to the taxpayers or passing it along to public agencies already facing a constrained budget.
Instead, let private contributions, such as the two major fireworks companies covering an estimated $750,000 pyrotechnic show, pick up the tab.
However, we are disconcerted by some detail, including proposals to roll massive military hardware, including 60-ton Abrams tanks, onto sites as props.
The National Park Service is also being taxed to absorb the costs of this larger-than-ever event while facing an $11 billion backlog in maintenance at parks across the nation.
Still, in most respects we have no issue with President Trump’s expansive “Salute to America” Independence Day party in Washington, D.C.
Yet, we cannot help but be wary of the president’s plans to address the nation during this celebration from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
As long as the president makes an apolitical address focused on our shared love of country on our birthday we have no quarrel with him availing himself of this opportunity.
However, if he uses this occasion for personal or political reasons, no matter how slight, we won’t waste any time sharing our outrage at him.
In short, our hope is that this “Salute to America” is produced to help bring us together rather than used to divide us even further. But seeing as this event is actually being produced by none other than the president himself, if it’s directed to support his political goals there will be no mistake who’s at fault.
We would also encourage the president rather than surround himself with armored vehicles and VIPs, why not the diverse working people that make our country great.
Admittedly, this president is capable of acting presidential, at times, yet he has disappointed us enough times to be concerned about his upcoming speech.
At a time when every American should be taking full advantage of the opportunity to have fun and remember what unites us, leave politics out of it.
Save it for the weekend, if you must. Better yet, save it for Monday.