Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor June 2

Future climate put at risk by administration

The news has been full of stories of disastrous weather events of late: Heavy rainfall followed by floods in the Midwest; increased numbers of tornados, high temperatures, melting ice packs and so on.

A Washington Post article pointed out that it was 84 degrees in the Arctic last week. Eighteen of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. These are all indications that our climate is changing.

What is causing the extremes of temperature? Climate scientists point to increased greenhouse gases such as CO2, which reached 415 ppm (parts per million) this week — the highest in human history. In fact, CO2 levels are rising in an exponential manner due to our continued burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Most countries in the world recognize the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but our country, the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, is denying there is a problem.

This week it was announced that the EPA was told to change the way it reports climate information. No more reports will be allowed that show how bad things will be after 2040 if we do not limit our use of fossil fuels.

Our current administration in Washington is interfering with the reporting of science, thereby allowing politics and money interests to trump the scientific method. It has become difficult to know what is true in our society, due to the increased occurrence of fake news.

But real science is based on truth, on studies that correlate physical data to events. If our president can step into the scientific world and tell scientists what they can and can’t report, then we have slipped to a dangerous place for the future. This has to change.

We are fortunate to be able to vote for better leadership, and 2020 is the time to do so. Larry Harris Morgantown

It’s time we put our differences behind us
Enough is enough.

Two years, millions spent —for what? Hate, envy and disbelief that Hillary lost.

Both parties need to get over it and start doing the job you were elected to do.

You somehow convinced the voters that you were the best person for the job, so start working together for the good of the nation, not for yourself or the party. Serving in Congress or Senate was not supposed to be a lifelong job. The Founding Fathers were too smart for that.

Let’s level the playing field. The president can only serve two terms, while Congress and Senate can serve for life. Way too long, too much power, influence and special interests, with the big money not to mention, (seniority). A very smart person told me this: Jjust because you have been in a position for a long time does not mean you are the best person for the job.

Think of what we as a nation could have gotten done in the past two years if everyone worked for the good of the nation. All politicians talk the talk, but once in office they can’t walk the walk. Promises are forgotten. Sad.

America is tired of all of this self-serving crap. It’s time to get to work or get out.

Elect people who will do the job for the good of the nation. Not how this action will benefit me.

Wake up, America. You are the greatest country in the world. Not perfect, but close. Do not let this ongoing hate, strife and division put you in the history books as one of those nations that crumbled from within. We as a people and a great nation are better than all of this.

Our motto is still and forever will be “In God We Trust,” not some self-serving politician.
Richard E. Grimes