Paranormal conference slated to start May 31

Even a skeptic should be able to have a good time at the 2019 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, said organizer and founder Eric Altman.

Paranormal conferences, or “paracons” as they’re called, are held   indoors and mostly just involve listening to experts in the field lecture, Altman said. So three years ago, he established the outdoor event.

He said the goal was to get people outside and interacting.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with a number of famous people from the cryptozoology sphere — even going on two nighttime hikes in hopes of spotting the ever elusive Bigfoot. One scheduled guest is Cliff Barackman, of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.”

“There’s quite an abundance of activity and sightings in this area dating back to the 1800s,” Altman said.

The 3-day event, May 31 to June 2, will be  at Benner’s Meadow Run in Farmington, Pa. Tickets, of which there are about 50 left, cost $60 for the entire weekend. Any tickets not sold will be available at the gate, but Altman said he strongly recommended pre-purchasing.

Altman said cryptozoologists — such as himself — are people who study and investigate creatures or animals  science hasn’t documented yet. He said a cryptozoologist collects data and evidence to turn over to scientists in the hopes they can identify and catalogue it.

Over his 22 years in the field, Altman has spoken to hundreds of eye witnesses to Bigfoot. He said the number of testimonals is the most convincing evidence he’s found. Altman also mentioned hearing unexplainable and unidentifiable sounds in the forest, and footprints much larger than a human foot.

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