Young minds explore the cosmos during Spark! Space Day

MORGANTOWN — Quick, extra credit for anyone who can explain the connection between Harry Potter’s uncle and the constellation Canis Major?

If you attended Space Day at Spark! Imagination and Science Center on Saturday, the answer is obvious.

You see, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is in Canis Major, which means “Great Dog.” And, as everybody knows, Harry’s uncle is Sirius Black, who’s been known to turn into … you guessed it, a dog.

Of course you didn’t need to be a wizard, or even a science wiz, to enjoy the space-themed exhibits on display at the science center located in the Mountaineer Mall.

Spark! Executive Director Julie Bryan said Space Day is an annual event that never fails to draw a large crowd of all ages.

Mathew Dulaney, 9, and his little brother, Bentley, 6, both students at West Greene Elementary, in Waynesburg, Pa., were among those making the rounds.

Mathew said he enjoys learning about the stars and planets, but isn’t quite sure he’s ready to sign up for astronaut training.

Luckily, the Dulaney brothers were able to get an up-close look at the night sky inside NASA’s inflatable Star Lab planetarium.

Loren Anderson, from WVU’s  Department of Physics and Astronomy, was on hand to give a guided tour of the cosmos.

Fittingly for a Spark! event, some imagination was required.

“This is supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world,” Anderson said, flashing a laser pointer at the constellation Cassiopeia. “To me, it just looks like a W.”

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