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Vitamin B-12 found to support bone health

Q: I have low bone density and am concerned about the side effects of taking the prescribed drug for my osteoporosis. Can you tell me if my nutritional approach is effective? I am taking a multivitamin with extra vitamin D and calcium.

A: This approach is a great start. Although there is much to discuss specifically regarding dosages, you are on the right path, and there may be other supplements to consider. For Older women with low levels of B-12 are more apt to experience bone loss. Based on recent studies, researchers are now determining the amount of the B vitamins people should take as they age. Vitamin B-12 is found in such food products as eggs, milk, meat, fish and cheese. It is needed to develop red blood cells and maintain the well-being of the nervous system. Until recently, however, little has been known about the B vitamins and their impact on skeletal health.

Studies indicate that women with the lowest amounts of B-12 are more prone toward fractures from rapid hip bone loss. Younger individuals do not normally have low levels of this vitamin. However, reduced amounts become more commonplace as these women move into their senior years.

When you next visit your Doctor of Chiropractic, discuss what vitamins are required for your age, gender and degree of exercise. Because chiropractors are experts in the field of musculoskeletal treatment, they know the proper nutrition and supplements for their patients to remain healthy.

This approach to bone health is best used proactively. Surely, if you have been told your bone density is low, supplementing with B-12 is a great part of your nutritional approach, but that is too late to start to be concerned about it. Supplementation of the vitamins and minerals your body needs is easy and relatively inexpensive. There is no reason to wait until your body is depleted enough to give you symptoms of disease to start a daily multivitamin and multimineral supplementation program.

Chiropractors are great source for this type of healthcare advice. Be aware, there is no regulation of the nutriceuticals industry and good products that are manufactured in a way to improve your health, and not just the manufacturer’s bottom line, are typically available to healthcare professionals only. I am less confident in retail products.
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