Preston school levy election cost less than $50,000 to put on

KINGWOOD — The Feb. 2 school levy election cost the Preston County Board of Education  $48,720.15.
Expenses for the election were paid by the school board because it was a special election just for the levy. The total is according to figures provided by Superintendent Steve Wotring and County Clerk Linda Huggins.
The major expense, $28,505,  was for poll workers’ pay and mileage paid those poll workers who picked up election supplies at the courthouse and brought the votes back on election night.

The county clerk billed the board for extra hours her staff worked during early voting, poll worker training and election day, $6,306.05. Huggins also billed the board $113.60 for postage for absentee ballots and forms that are mailed out by poll workers election night.
Rent paid for the use of polling places was  $2,650. A paper ballot was used in the election.       Ballot printing and election supplies cost the board  $9,449.
The law requires ballots to be advertised in the newspaper in advance of the election. That cost came to  $1,696.50.
The bills were approved for payment at last week’s board of ed meeting.
Voters approved the five-year, $4.5 million annual bond by a vote of 3,086 to 2,736.