A sampling of bills introduced Feb. 11 and Feb. 8

CHARLESTON — Here is a sampling of bills introduced Feb. 11 and Feb. 8. Among them is the governor’s bill to fund PEIA. Monongalia-Preston-Marion-area lead sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

Feb. 11

SB 564 and HB 2956, to expand comprehensive coverage for pregnant women through Medicaid. Sens. Bob Beach, D-Monongalia, Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, Roman Prezioso, D- Marion, co-sponsors. House version, Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegate Linda Longstreth, D-Marion, co-sponosr.

SB 570, from the governor, to allow for no-bid contracts for to demolition, construction, rehabilitation or other commodities and services related to response, recovery or relief of a declared state of emergency.

HB 2952, to reduce the number of personnel in every job classification within the State Department of Education by 25 percent. Delegates Amy Summers, R-Taylor, Buck Jennings, R-Preston, co-sponsors.

HB 2953, to permit a critical access hospital to become a community outpatient medical center. Summers, lead sponsor.

HJR 25, a proposed Environmental Rights Amendment to the state Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Delegate Evan Hansen, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Fleischauer, Longstreth, Rodney Pyles, D-Monngalia, co-sponsors.

Feb. 8

SB 557, to allow municipalities to let contracts for projects without competitive bidding when the value is $50,000 or less. Sen. Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, lead sponsor.

SB 561, to permit the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration to contact local authorities for assistance.

HB 2915, to restrict the performance of abortions when a fetal heartbeat is found and under other circumstances.

HB 2916, to expand the ability of hard cider manufactures to produce hard cider in the state. Delegate Mike Caputo, D-Marion, co-sponosr.

HB 2936, to permit a medical cannabis grower to be a processor and a processor to be a grower; to allow growers and processors to be dispensaries and dispensaries to be growers and processors.

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