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Star City resolves issue with property manager over equipment storage

STAR CITY — After a discussion with the property manager, Star City Council resolved a question of equipment storage on Mansfield and Congress avenues.
Council members spoke with Rob Morgano, manager of Jdlmp LLC properties, about his renovation of properties on Mansfield Avenue and equipment storage during this week’s council meeting.
Council member Dom-inick Claudio was not in attendance.
Councilmember Emma Luzader asked city Code Enforcement official Lanie Martisko to check the zoning of Morgano’s properties because of the work trailers and heavy equipment stored there.
Martisko told Luzader previously the area was zoned industrial, and as long as the trailers and equipment were legal, Morgano could have them at the properties.
Luzader said after the previous council meeting, Martisko realized the property was not commercial but residential.
“If these trailers are going to be moved after the construction is done, I don’t have a problem with it,” she said. “My problem is that stuff can’t stay there because we aren’t zoned for that. It’s residential.”

At the meeting, Morgano said he would be willing to answer any questions the council members had about the storage of his equipment for use in renovating the properties.
He said one unit was renovated about a year ago and he’s now working on two more with plans to do a forth after that.

He said he’d also renovated a warehouse and moved his business there.

“I love Star City,” he said. “I love the location, and I love working with the people in this room. I’ve been paying the bills, all the bills. I handle everything related to water and everything in regards to our company here.
“I feel like I’ve made Star City a better place by renovating those houses that were in bad shape when I got them.”
Morgano said he also graveled the alleyway at his own expense, about $3,000.
Mayor Herman Reid said Morgano took a lot of dangerous trees out with his renovations.
Morgano said all of his permits and fees are up to date, and he’s never had a violation for any of his property. And, the equipment is being used.
He said the first three buildings, including his warehouse are zoned commercial, but the rest of his buildings are zoned residential.
“Everyone in here knows my word is good, and I do things the right way,” Morgano said. “They will be out of there when the project is done. I’ve invested a lot of time and money over there. I’m not going to just not finish my job.”

In other business, council voted to put forth a resolution stating it is considering selling the Boyers Avenue properties. Reid said he wanted the resolution to include potential leasing of the property, as he thinks selling the property would be a mistake. Council chose not to include leasing as an option.
Luzader and Dominick Claudio will meet with Monongalia County Commission TIF legal representation concerning the next steps of the sale.
Public works director Phillip Davis said the town is cold-patching roads when the weather is appropriate, and will pave four blocks in the spring: the second and third blocks on Springdale Avenue, the first block on Broadway Avenue and the third block on Kensington Avenue.

  • The next Star City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 12, at the Star City Town Hall.

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