A sampling of bills introduced Jan. 16

CHARLESTON – Here is a sampling of bills introduced Jan. 16. The governor’s bills to reorganize state emergency and disaster planning and to provide incentive pay for math teachers are among them. Monongalia-Preston-Marion-area lead sponsors and co-sponsors, if any, are noted.

SB 317, to allow three or more counties to form a multicounty trail network authority. Sen. Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, co-sponsor.

SB 318, to transfer DHHR’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to the attorney general’s office. Sypolt, co-sponsor.

SB 322, a bill to alleviate the “free rider” problem of the right to work legislation. Specifies that a labor union is not required to represent a non-member. Sen. Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, co-sponsor.

SB 326, from the governor, to reorganize state emergency and disaster planning agencies.

SB 327, the governor’s bill to address the math teacher shortage. Provides a one-time $2,000 salary supplement to teachers who take a specialized math course.

SB 331, to allow hunters to use a leashed dog to track a mortally wounded bear or deer. Sen. Randy Smith, R-Tucker, co-sponsor.

HB 2445, to create an independent redistricting commission.

HB 2449, same as SB 313, governor’s bill to create the “last dollar in” program to ensure free community and technical college education.

HB 2455, to divert the so-called “pop tax” revenue — about $15 million per year for WVU’s medical school, according to 2017 numbers — to PEIA.

HB 2461, to update animal cruelty laws by spelling out proper feeding, watering, sheltering and tethering practices. Delegate John Williams, D-Monongalia, lead sponsor.

HB 2463, to mandate and link annual minimum wage increases to the federal Consumer Price Index. Williams, lead sponsor.

HB 2464, to require schools to provide free feminine hygiene products for grades 6-12. Williams, lead sponsor.

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