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Chiropractic adjustment can help on road to overall health

Q: I want to be more active in 2019 than I have been. What could you do to help me get started?

A: If you’re going to keep one resolution this year, why not make it the one to take care of your body and your health? One step you can take is to schedule an appointment for an evaluation by a chiropractor. A chiropractic adjustment will put your spine in proper alignment and that, according to the cornerstone of chiropractic philosophy, will assist your body in caring for and healing itself.

The basic tenet of chiropractic is that or misalignments of bones in the spine, the vertebrae, can cause problems throughout the body. The spinal cord, after all, runs through the spine and nerves emanate from the cord to various parts of the body. It makes sense that if your resolutions include exercise, better fitness, or even more activity than you have been accustomed to that you start by getting the joints, muscles, and other tissues of your body ready and able to move better before putting them into activity that they are not used to. This is how you prevent injury from occurring. If it is more your speed to wait until something is hurt, then your chiropractor is ready to help

If you’re troubled by headaches, back pain or any other nagging malady, it would be worth your while to have a chiropractic exam and a realigning of your spine. Your chiropractor can also give you advice on nutrition and exercise to keep you in good stead for the coming year. And remember, doctors of chiropractic do not use drugs or surgery. This would also be a good time to schedule thorough exams with your physician and your dentist. Make 2019 the year you crank up the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle.
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