Learning academy teacher awarded $500 grant to create “Maker’s Space”

Last month, McDonald’s owner/operator John Ebert presented a McDonald’s MAC Grants to Georgette Taylor from Morgantown Learning Academy.

The grants are awarded to help outstanding middle-school teachers “Make Activities Count” for their students.

The grants program provides financial support, so teachers can supplement regular classroom curriculums with activities  the school’s budget may not cover and allow teachers to revitalize their classes with fresh and innovative teaching methods.

A Morgantown Learning Academy’s Upper Elementary teacher, Taylor is the recipient of a $500  grant from McDonald’s.

“I am looking forward to creating a Maker’s Space in my classroom with the generous grant I received from McDonald’s,” Taylor said. “I have an extremely creative class, always looking for ways to engineer new things, and the tools I am able to purchase will help them explore new STEM-related ideas.”

“We love working with Ms. Georgette, and it is no surprise that her creativity and drive have led her to receiving this grant,” said Director Eve Ammons Ward.

Morgantown Learning Aca-demy is a nonprofit, non-church affiliated, private school for children from preschool to eighth grade in Morgantown. For more information about Morgantown Learning Academy, visit learning academy.org or call 304-296-9554.

For the last 24 years, McDonald’s  awarded its Make Activities Count grants to teachers who apply with worthy projects. Sixty grants were awarded across the tri-state area.

The grant program awards up to $500 to supplement classroom lesson plans with activities their schools’ budgets may not permit. Since 1994, McDonald’s restaurants  awarded more than $2.75 million to support hands-on learning.

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