Preston deputies trying to identify suspect in Walmart shoplifting case

KINGWOOD — The Preston County Sheriff’s Office is seeking to identify suspects in a shoplifting incident that happened in the early morning hours of Dec. 12 at the Kingwood WalMart.

The man in the photo is one of the suspects.

Two men entered the store and went to the electronics section. One of the men placed items inside a large gray tote, while the other took pictures of televisions. Both men then went to the emergency exit at the tire center, and one made a phone call.

Soon after, a third person in a vehicle drove around to that area, where the two males then exited the store with the merchandise and left in that vehicle.

A touch screen laptop and hard drives were taken. Please contact Cpl. J.C. Farling at 304-329-1611 if you have any information on this crime.

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