Preston deputies charge 2 people with possessing, selling drugs

KINGWOOD — Preston County deputies have charged a couple with having more than 2 pounds of marijuana and other drugs in a car.

Floyd Ellis Cowger IV, 24, of Fairmont, allegedly told an officer, “that he gets $2,000 per pound for selling marijuana on a good day,” and makes his own glass pipes.

Cowger and Alexandra Faith Duckworth, 19, of Rachel, who was a passenger in the car and owned it, were charged with possession with intent to deliver. Both were free Thursday on $5,000 bond apiece.

There were so many drugs in the car, according to Lt. T.E. Mitter, that when his K-9 Sampson sniffed around it the dog, “showed signs of ‘odor saturation,’ which is when a K-9 has met more odor than they have ever experienced and they struggle to pinpoint the source.”

Sampson settled on the driver’s door. According to the criminal complaint, officers found 2.3 pounds of marijuana, new and used glass pipes, a pound of what appeared to be THC candy, seven vials of cannibas oil,  16 grams (.56 ounces) of suspected marijuana seeds, a grinder and a scale.

Another 15 grams of marijuana had been spilled on the center console and floor, according to the complaint.

They found $965 cash in Cowger’s wallet and $100 in Duckworth’s purse.

Police initially stopped the car Wednesday on U.S. 219   because it had a loud exhaust, according to the complaint, but smelled marijuana as soon as they approached the white Subaru.

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