Man arrested after police say he pulled a knife on them

MORGANTOWN — Police say a man pulled a knife after they tried to make him leave Ruby Memorial Hospital on Monday.

Wilbert William Vaughn III, 45, of Morgantown, is charged with attempted malicious assault on an officer.

Morgantown police responded to the call at 8:16 p.m., after Vaughn refused to leave the emergency room despite being discharged from the hospital, a press release stated.

Vaughn was told to leave several times while an officer wrote a citation for trespassing and to put his shoes on, a criminal complaint stated. After writing the citation, an officer walked over to hand it to Vaughn and again told him to put his shoes on. Vaughn began arguing and an officer removed his jacket from his lap and told him he was leaving, the complaint stated.

Vaughn became “very upset” and pulled out a pocket knife, which he then pointed at the officers while he said “I’m not leaving,” the press release stated. The knife is described as a black folding knife with a 4-inch blade in the criminal complaint.

Officers drew their guns on Vaughn and told him to drop the knife, prompting him to sit back in his chair continue to hold the knife for about a minute before placing it on the seat next to his, the complaint stated.

He was then arrested, charged and transported to the North Central Regional Jail.

Vaughn was arraigned Tuesday by Magistrate Hershel Mullins, who set bond at $25,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, he was still being held in jail, according to its website.