Preston judge orders four years probation for three drug-related felonies

KINGWOOD – A former Rowlesburg resident was placed on probation for four years Monday after pleading to three drug-related felonies in Preston Circuit Court.

Amber Wendy Bolyard, 27, was sentenced to three-to-15 years in prison  for delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and conspiracy, but the prison time was suspended for probation as part of a plea agreement.

She was one of eight Rowlesburg residents arrested in January 2017, following a drug investigation by the Preston County Sheriff’s Department.  Under the plea agreement Bolyard was not  fined and was ordered to attend drug court.

Bolyard’s attorney, Tim Gentilozzi, told the court his client’s mother moved from Rowlesburg to a residence outside  Moatsville.  He said the move was to keep Bolyard away from negative influences.

“She  has been sober for several months,” Gentilozzi said. “Her mother may not be able to bring her to drug court due to road and weather conditions.”

He said Bolyard wants to go to drug court and would like to begin once winter is over. “The plea agreement doesn’t specify a date for her to start,” he said.  “It only indicates she must complete drug court  during the period of her probation.”

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Megan Allender disagreed.  She said the plea agreement was a binding one. “I am recommending she follow the rules of the plea agreement,” Allender said. “Now she is saying she’s not able.”

Preston Circuit Judge Steve Shaffer asked if rescheduling for 30 days would allow the state and the defense to work out an agreement that would allow Bolyard to be in compliance with the plea agreement or attend a long term facility instead of drug court?

“I don’t know if continuing 30 days would change anything. These are issues that should have been discussed before the agreement was made,” Allender said. Allender said maybe the weather would be such that Bolyard’s mother could get her to drug court. “Admit her in and see how it proceeds,” she said.

Shaffer ordered Bolyard to report for drug testing. “I suggest you make every attempt to comply with the terms of the drug court,” he said.

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