Lakeview Golf Resort moves to a seasonal calendar

MORGANTOWN — Lakeview Golf Resort has moved to a seasonal calendar.

It’s a process that began last year, said Lakeview General Manager Chrissy Buchanan and was firmed up this year.

“This year, we kind of made that business decision to follow in the suit of several other resorts, specifically golf resorts and seasonal resorts, where you have a high season and a low season,” she said.

Under the new calendar, she said, the resort closed in November and will re-open in mid-March. The golf course will remain open year round – except for snow closures as is the practice now – as will the fitness center. “We’re constantly busy.”

But for the rest of the resort, “It gives us an opportunity to kind of refresh and take the time to make some repairs and anything we need to do prior to the high season coming back up.”

Some other Cheat Lake businesses also operate seasonally, she said. And Lakeview’s other golf course, Mountainview, has always operated seasonally, closing in October.

Holiday parties already on the books will be held, Buchanan said, but they won’t book any additional ones.

The off season, Buchanan said, will not only give time to refresh the facility, but to refresh their incentives and for Lakeview personnel to go out and promote the resort. They will go out to talk to golf groups and visit golf shows in Canada, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Charleston.

Next year will be Lakeview’s 65th anniversary, Buchanan said. “For repeat clients, we want to thank you for helping us maintain a 65-year tradition. For new clients, we would love to have you see the resort and really embrace what Lakeview has been throughout the years.”

Lakeview Golf Resort covers 220 acres, she said, with 186 guest rooms, 30,000 square feet of meeting space, and the 30,000 square foot fitness center.

“Our main goal is to make sure that not only do we keep up our 65-year tradition of excellent weddings, golf and year-round tradition, but it’s also important to make sure that we maintain an involvement in Morgantown and truly make sure that we deliver the business to Morgantown that we’ve been doing for 65 years.”

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