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Star City votes for employee longevity pay for 2020 fiscal year budget

STAR CITY — A longevity payment for each year full-time Star City employees have worked for the town is included in the 2020 fiscal year budget.

Star City council members voted to adopt the longevity payout at it’s most recent meeting.

Mayor Herman Reid said the longevity pay variables needs to be determined and must be included in the pay check, with taxes taken out and retirement taken out and matched as with any check.

He said he thought it should be at least $30 for every year the person had worked for the town.

City attorney Paul Cranston said the amount must be “factored in and approved in the budget” for the year, unlike a bonus.

After discussion, council members decided the amount should be pro-rated and should take effect after a full-time individual has worked for the city for a year.

Councilmember Cindy Ulrich said, “I think it should be $40. I don’t think $30 is enough.

“They deserve that,” she said. “If we can’t manage our budget to give them that money, then we are doing something wrong because it’s not that much money.”
Councilmember Sharon Doyle agreed with her that the amount was fair for full-time employees.

City Treasurer Lea Hassler said the town would be paying just under $6,000 if every employee received $30 for every year, prorated.

“Obviously, though,” she said. “It will grow every year.
“It’s a yearly thing. If we can’t afford it in the budget, then we don’t include it for the next year.”
Council voted to only decide on the amount for the 2020 budget, subject to change for each fiscal year’s budget.

For the fiscal year 2020, council voted unanimously to make the amount $40 for each pro-rated year worked after year one.

In other business:

  • Mon Health’s new president and CEO, David Goldberg, addressed council to offer his services to the community, and he said he would look forward to collaboration with the council in the future.
  • Council members Dominick Claudio and Emma Luzader said they were attending a work session with Monongalia County Dommission to discuss the sale of the Boyers Avenue city property.
  • Reid and public works director Philip Davis said the boat dock renovation discussions were moving forward, and they hoped it and the extension of Leeway Street could be addressed in the spring.
  • Council unanimously voted to approve the second reading of Article 1731, requiring businesses placing new signs in Star City to pay an erection fee and all businesses to register signs in city limits.
  • Council will donate $1,000 to the annual Shop with a Cop event, set for Dec. 12.
  • The Jan. 1 council meeting was cancelled. Meetings will be Jan. 15 and 29. The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 3, at the Star City Town Hall.