Preston manufacturer makes voluntary site cleanup plan with DEP

MORGANTOWN — A Preston County fiberglass filtration manufacturer has entered into a voluntary agreement with the state Department of Environmental Protection to undertake an environmental cleanup of its 12-acre site.

Superior Reedsville Filtration, also known as Superior Fibers, is based in Reedsville. The site has housed various manufacturers since the 1930s, DEP said, including furniture, wooden aircraft components during World War II, brass plumbing foundry and, since 1978, fiberglass filtration materials and products.

DEP said contaminants of potential concern consist of chlorinated solvents, metals, volatile organic compounds, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and suspected in the air.

Superior initiated the cleanup efforts, DEP said. The company will take on all the costs and DEP did ot have an estimate.

DEP’s The Office of Environmental Remediation is negotiating a Voluntary Remediation Agreement with Superior to address environmental conditions associated with the site. The agreement includes provisions for assessing potential environmental contaminants; evaluating human health and ecological risks; establishing remediation standards; and, performing any cleanup necessary to meet the standards. At project conclusion, the applicant will submit a Final Report, documenting that all work is complete.

Superior has hired a licensed remediation specialist for the work, as required by the Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Rule, DEP said. The project timeline will be established in the agreement, which has not yet been submitted by Superior Fibers.

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