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Preston man charged with kidnapping

KINGWOOD — A Masontown man is charged with kidnapping a man and trying to collect ransom from the victim’s family. A woman was also allegedly kidnapped, but no charges have been filed yet in connection with that incident.
Christopher William Nice, 24, was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail Monday without bond.
According to the criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Lt. J.H. Bryan: On Friday the victim’s father called Preston 911. He said his son had called him and said that he had been beaten and was taken against his will because of a $6,000 debt. If he didn’t pay, he would be killed, the victim allegedly said.
The father went to Rohr Road, Masontown, to meet the kidnapper. He received another call, threatening to kill his son, if he contacted police. Nonetheless, the man met with the alleged kidnapper while police watched from a distance and listened to the conversation on an open cell phone line.
Nice arrived in a car with the victim and said the man would be killed unless the debt was paid. Officers rushed in,  released the victim and arrested Nice. The victim had “multiple injuries” to his face and head, the deputy said.
The victim said a female friend had also been held against her will. Police found she had been dropped off at a relative’s home after being beaten, doused with gasoline and threatened with a gun. Officers saw injuries on the woman and said she smelled of gasoline.
The investigation continues.