Kingwood man said he sold drugs to pay his taxes, police say

KINGWOOD — A Kingwood man told deputies he was only selling drugs to pay his back taxes, according to a criminal complaint.

Devin Robert Miller, 33, was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.  According to a criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Lt. T.E. Mitter:

He stopped a red Cavalier on Oak Street after observing the driver was not wearing a seat belt.  The driver, Miller, was, “sweating profusely, with massive beads of sweat under each eye,” and shaking. The car smelled of cat urine.

After more conversation, Miller pulled out a plastic box containing several bottles. Meth,  Xanax and drug paraphernalia were found in the car.

After being put into handcuffs and read his rights, Miller said, “he was selling the methamphetamine and Xanax to pay back taxes and he does not currently use as he uses bupenorphine.” A tax bill and $1,030 were found in an envelope in the glove box.

All together 45 Xanax tablets and 16 grams of meth were found.

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