Morgantown man faces many charges after allegedly running from scene of car accident and police

MORGANTOWN — An accident on Darst Street at about 7:30 p.m. Monday led to a short man-hunt after the responsible party fled, police said.

The Morgantown Police Department responded to an accident at the intersection of Darst Street and Hampton Avenue and were informed by 911 dispatchers that one of the parties involved was running away on Hampton Avenue, a criminal complaint stated.

An officer spotted the suspect, a black male wearing pajama pants, pacing in a yard on Hampton Avenue, the complaint stated.

The man told the officer he was a passenger in the wreck and that his friend was really hurt and was acting “very agitated and kept picking up his phone and pacing,” the complaint said.

The officer offered to give the man a ride back to the accident to help his friend and to put the items in his hand on the police cruiser so the officer could check for weapons, but the man turned and walked away, the complaint stated.

He began running away after officers asked him to stop. A short while later, he was found hiding in a wooded area between Hampton and Herman Avenues, the complaint said.

Police identified him as James E. Holcomb.

An investigation revealed that Holcomb was the only person in the vehicle — a 2009 Kia and that Holcomb was at fault for the accident “as he came around the curve and slid into the other vehicle and hit them head-on,” according to court documents.

Marijuana was found during a search of Holcomb’s vehicle, but a valid insurance card wasn’t, the complaint said. Holcomb’s license was also invalid.

Holcomb is charged with fleeing from an officer, accident involving damage to a vehicle, duty to give information and render aid, possession of a controlled substance, no vehicle insurance, reckless driving and having an invalid license.

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