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MCHD now able to perform aviation medical exams

Dr. Carl Werntz

MORGANTOWN — Monongalia County Health Department is now able to perform aviation medical exams with the addition of Dr. Carl Werntz, DO, MPH.
It is part of the health department’s Occupational Health Clinic. The clinics are held by appointment from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Fridays. Werntz is also taking appointments on Tuesdays for now.
“I’m very happy that we are offering the FAA medical exams in Monongalia County again,” Werntz said. “I’m looking forward to expanding the Occupational Health Clinic to provide other necessary occupational exams to the area.”
The aviation medical exam is required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Werntz, who is one of about 10 physicians in West Virginia who performs the exam, conducted aviation medical exams at WVU and is now back after a four-month hiatus.
Werntz, who also performs black lung exams in southern West Virginia, is hoping to add Department of Transportation exams for commercial drivers to the health department’s offering list sometime soon.
“People can schedule those now,” he said. “We have all the equipment.”
Werntz, originally from Philadelphia, has conducted aviation medical exams for about 10 years now. He graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Mo., and has a Master of Public Health degree from WVU. He completed residencies in internal medicine and occupational medicine at WVU.
Since opening the clinic Aug. 1, Werntz has already performed several aviation medical exams, many of them from out of state as pilots stop over in Morgantown.
“Pilots are very mobile,” he said.
Pilots are required to have examinations at various times in their careers. Werntz can perform exams for all three classes of pilots: Class 1, commercial airline pilots; Class 2, all others who fly for a living, such as crop dusters, medical or touring helicopters, etc.; and Class 3, private pilots.
“I’m basically the eyes and hands of the FAA so it’s a very regimented exam, using equipment that they approve,” he said.
Anyone who wants to make an appointment for MCHD’s Occupational Health Clinic can call 304-598-5123.
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