Why catching passes makes Trevon Wesco dangerous in the West Virginia offense

Trevon Wesco has the build of a blocking tight end, standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing 274 pounds.

When he is used as a pass-catcher, he can be a problem to bring down.

Ask the three Texas Tech defenders that spun, twisted and twirled 20 yards down the field last Saturday attempting to bring down Wesco after a catch across the middle.

Trying to rip the ball out, the Red Raiders were taken for a ride as Wesco just kept spinning out of tackles until he was finally brought down at the Tech 35-yard line.

Like most coaches, Dana Holgorsen has his critiques of Wesco, but said Wesco is earning his way into more playing time.

“I thought he played really well in the first half and blocked well, and I think he blocked average in the second half, but made that play, which makes us want to do more things with him, most certainly,”  Holgorsen said.

Wesco’s highlight play is all but a highlight for him. As someone with limited opportunities to catch passes, it was just a matter of doing what needed to be done. It was his fourth catch of the season and only sixth of his career.

“Yeah, that was a good one, but when I get my number called, I have to make the most out of the opportunity, so that’s what I try to do and I didn’t want to go down,” he said.

During film evaluation, tight ends coach Dan Gerberry told the rest of the group — mainly comprised of freshman and sophomores — that that is how players are supposed to run after the catch.

As the only senior tight end, Wesco is trying to set an example, and with the injury to Jovani Haskins, Wesco is getting the vast majority of reps.

Haskins was injured on a helmet-to-helmet collision against Kansas State and was limited against Texas Tech, though Holgorsen believes he will be fully available Saturday against Kansas.

Holgorsen is hesitant to add much to the tight end’s plate when depth is a concern, but with Haskins back, he and Wesco could get more involved in the offense moving forward.

“Wesco had a really good week and is 100 percent healthy, played a lot and played well,” Holgorsen said. “We’ll have both of them 100 percent, which allows us to be able to practice things differently.”

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