Man serving time in jail agrees to longer sentence on home confinement, as part of early release

MORGANTOWN — A man scheduled to be released from jail in a month will instead serve two months on home confinement to finish his sentence.

Cody Beavers, 23, of Moorefield, was sentenced in April to serve one year in jail after he pleaded guilty to battery. He was also sentenced to serve two years on probation for wanton endangerment involving a firearm by Monongalia County Circuit Court Judge Susan Tucker.

At a Monday hearing, Beavers’ attorney John Brooks said his client learned his lesson and that jail is not a place he ever wants to visit again.

Brooks said he believes Beavers would never get close to going back and said he had a job as a cook lined up, if Tucker would grant his request for release. Hardy County was willing to accept responsibility overseeing Beavers’ home confinement and Beavers’ mother, standing behind him in court, would be willing to let her son live with her, he said.

Beavers was scheduled to be released from jail on Oct. 25 on good behavior, but Brooks said his client still wanted to go through with Monday’s hearing. He said Beavers was willing to serve the entirety of the remaining sentence on home confinement but would prefer additional probation.

Brandon Benchoff, prosecuting attorney, said the state’s impression was the jail sentence was about punishment and fairly reflected the seriousness of the crime.

The Dominion Post Previously reported Beavers and two co-defendants drove to a man’s home and to recover property that they believed the victim stole. After forcing their way into the victim’s home, the property was discovered in the living room, but the three went to the victim’s bedroom, where he was pulled from bed and beaten.

Tucker said she believed home confinement would be a good transition out of jail and modified Beavers’ sentence. After serving two months of home confinement Beavers’ sentence will be discharged.

She advised Beavers to keep busy, make new friends and to serve 150 hours of community service during his probation – which will begin after his home confinement ends.

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