Westover Council addresses falling wall, parking

WESTOVER — Work on the stone wall falling down al-ong Holland Avenue should start soon.

City Mayor David Johnson said the work was delayed by weather, but he expected crews to be at work soon.

The contingency in the budget for the wall is now $34,415, as opposed to $50,000, because John said he paid the contractors half up front.

Paving, construction bids

City clerk Sandra Weis said she had given council members a rough estimate of the cost of the paving list for this year.

There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting for interested paving companies at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at city hall.

Double Decker Construction won the job to put a new roof on the city garage. The bid was for $19,476 and Johnson said the company would put the new metal roof over the old roof.

Police activity

Westover Police Chief Richard Panico said the department answered 496 calls over the last two weeks, and city court had brought in $4,921.

Panico recognized Officer Travis Layton, saying his tickets generated $3,986.

“I don’t do a comparison, but I do note when an officer comes out with productivity like that to be noticed,” he said.

Panico said his department continues to investigate two robberies at the Gateway BFS, and they were “putting the pieces together.” The robberies were last month.

Panico said the department is upholding the nuisance ordinance, and working with landlords to evict people with numerous violations, including drug-related and other offenses.

Parking questions remain

Second ward councilmember Leonard Smith said he recently looked at property that caused a parking controversy, and thought the issue needed to be discussed to clarify expectations.

The issue involves a rental property with no off-street parking. It’s owned by George Raddish and his sister Debbie Benson and her husband Rusty. Smith. They had questioned the city requirements that would not allow their tenant to park on the side of the street.

Johnson said, “I’ve assured both of them we will work with them to see what we can get done,” but he said there are codes in place for a reason and those must be upheld.

“We have to be across the board on how we do this and support our ordinances,” he said. “But, at the same time, it doesn’t matter who it is, and we can come up with a good solution, and they can have the off-street parking, then we are happy with that. It’s not something we aren’t paying attention to.”

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