Mon County superintendent calls for student motivation, better communication with parents

MORGANTOWN — Eddie Campbell Jr. summoned himself to the principal’s office during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Monongalia County Board of Education.

In a matter of speaking.

He presented a list of goals for county goals that also apply  to him.

His list looks at everything from better motivating students to succeed to ways schools can more effectively communicate with parents or other caregivers.

Campbell said the goals already tie in with the strategic plans of each school in the county.

As said, it’s also about his accountability.

He was hired over the summer and is in his first term as the head of Mon Schools.

Campbell is calling for more frequent assessments of student performance, satisfaction surveys and a mix of social and traditional media to keep parents and other caregivers apprised of what their kids are doing — or aren’t doing — in the classroom.

The communication, Campbell said, won’t be standard issue.

That’s because of the demographics of the digital domain.

Parents seem to traditionally favor Facebook, the superintendent said, while their kids lean to Twitter and Instagram.

Campbell wants to see “school climate” surveys, which measure the academic and social quality of life at the institution, given every three years.

Don’t look for a data glut, he said.

“It’s actually easier to track with social media,” he said.

BOE members Mike Kelly and Nancy Walker said they like the mission of getting the message out in more effective and broad ways.

Kelly said he’s heard the lamentations from teachers for years: “They say the parents who need to be here aren’t here.”

“As a board, we only hear about the things that don’t work,” Walker said.

Campbell reiterated his motivation for making the list.

“This helps me keep my focus,” he said.

“I want that focus to align with our schools.”

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