Reedsville Council updated on storm water infiltration

REEDSVILLE — The town’s ongoing storm water problems were discussed Monday by Reedsville Council.

Councilwoman Britney Titus said the town is making progress with eliminating the water, called inflow and infiltration, or  I&I. She said 700 feet of line in Arthurdale has been repaired.

“That got rid of a lot of the I&I,” she said. “We also had people move downspouts that was adding to the problem.”

Mayor Jason Titus said the town has 46 sewer customers in Arthurdale,  mainly located on G, E and M Roads. He said the other Arthurdale residents have septic systems.

Council discussed using dye to determine which homes I&I is still coming from but took no action on the suggestion.

All sewer systems have been mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to remove I&I from their sanitary sewers by 2020. Reedsville’s sewage is treated by Masontown.

Earlier this year Masontown began charging Reedsville based on the actual amount treated, rather than based on the amount of water Reedsville measured as sold to customers. As previously reported, Masontown said two-thirds of the I&I going into its treatment plant comes from Reedsville.

Reedsville raised its rates recently to account for the higher costs from Masontown. Reedsville also recently sued a developer and homeowners association in Preston Circuit Court, saying they failed to address their I&I.

In other business Monday, council voted to order six signs for Reedsville Park. The signs will designate where to place litter and ask visitors to help keep the park clean. Titus said six of the solar tree lights are now in place. She said several new toys have been added for children and some painting has been done around the park.

The basement under town hall is being cleaned out. An old furnace and some other clutter will be removed soon, according to Titus.

Council also voted to move $6,300 from the town’s savings account to its checking account. The money will be used to purchase a dual band portable radio,  a body camera and car camera  for the town police officer.

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