Westover adds new officer to police force

WESTOVER — City residents will see another officer on patrol soon.

Brandon Gloshen, 24, joined the Westover police force and will be training with others before heading to the state police academy in Institute.

Chief Richard Panico said Gloshen not only passed the exams, but also gained the respect of the other officers in the force.

“Not only did the city accept him,” Panico said, “but the police officers wanted him. So, that’s what really counted. When they interviewed him, when we got done with it, they wanted him on board. They felt he would fit into the team.”

Gloshen said he grew up around Snowshoe, and he played football in high school.

He attended WVU and was familiar with the area around Morgantown.

Gloshen said his interest in being a police officer came from another officer he knew.

“A few years ago, my ex-girlfriend’s dad was a cop, and he showed me a lot of good sides about being a cop,” he said.

Gloshen has not been to the West Virginia Police Academy yet, but he will attend in January. Until then, he will be learning from other Westover officers, according to Panico.

“He’ll be on a learning curve til January,” he said. “He’ll be out there learning the procedures and the policies, how we do business. At that point, I think we are going to send a better recruit because he’s going to have that much more experience when he goes down there.”

Gloshen said he was ready to begin work with the force.

“I’m excited to get to know everyone and start working with them,” he said. “These guys are doing an awesome job, taking me out on the streets and helping me out.”

Gloshen said he would like to get to know the residents of Westover as he begins his training.

“I love getting to know people and talking to people.”

Gloshen described his motivation for becoming a police officer.

“I just like to see things done right.”

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