Preston SWA discuss buying recycling bins for schools

KINGWOOD — The Preston County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA) discussed buying recycling bins for schools and helping a local tire recycler at its meeting this week.

Litter Control Officer Jay Sowers said he needs bins for school recycling projects. PCSWA President Don Smith said bins could be bought for a different school each month. He asked Sowers to get prices for the project.

Sowers said the tire recycling issue is of great importance. “We need to keep Preston Tire and Recycling open,” Sowers said.

The private company is located near Tunnelton. “They need help. I have tires out there waiting but they have,” equipment problems, Sowers said.

He said the state doesn’t want the business to close. “McDowell County just brought in 960 tires for recycling,” he said. “I don’t know what we can do to help. Maybe we could buy them a set of shredding knives. We have to find them some help somewhere.”

No action was taken.

Sowers also told board members a new dump trailer is needed by the county. He said he recently spent $700 out of his budget for repairs. “It’s nickel and diming us,” he said. Board members told Sowers to get prices for dump trailers.

The trailer is used to haul trash and recyclables collected during the course of the officer’s duties. No further action was taken.

PCSWA members also discussed creating an award in memory of Mike Pase. Pase, who died in a work-related accident in June, was secretary of the authority. The award would be available for high school students

After a short discussion, the board decided to further research before making a decision about whether to make the award a scholarship or a cash award that could be spent as the recipient saw fit.

In other business, Smith said a $2,088 grant for litter control was received. He said the money was deposited in the litter control officer’s account and can be used for fuel.

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