Reedsville Council discussed complaints of fence and fowl ordinances

REEDSVILLE — Reedsville Council discussed complaints about a split-rail fence and chickens running loose at its Monday meeting.

A neighbor complained about a former Reedsville police officer who put the fence up on his property line. Councilwoman Renee Stone was asked to check town ordinances about the legality of the fence.

Mayor Jason Titus said there is nothing specific about where a fence can be placed under in the town ordinance. But, he said, the person building the fence did not apply for a building permit. Titus said the current town officer can notify the property owner that a building permit is required.

He said the town should look into having an addition to the current ordinance or have a new ordinance that covers fences. No other action was taken.

A second complaint discussed was about chickens allegedly running loose within the city limits.

“The operative word is fenced,” Councilwoman Stone said. These, “fowls are running loose and going to a neighbor’s house. She is not happy.”

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