Repairs coming for crumbling stone wall along Holland Avenue in Westover

WESTOVER — Westover Mayor David Johnson said the stone wall along Holland Avenue will be undergoing needed repairs — particularly to the section of the wall deemed to be an emergency situation.

Johnson said the section of the wall on Westover hill, below the curve,  was declared an emergency situation, and so it did not need to be put out to bid. However, the part of the wall on up the hill, across from Paula’s  and below, would be put out to bid.

At this week’s Westover City Council meeting,  Johnson provided council  with a contractor’s report detailing which part of the wall would be repaired and the scope of the repairs to be done.

According to the report, Herman Shinkovich Masonry LLC and Luckini Construction LLC will be completing the repairs on the emergency section of the wall.

Johnson said the total cost of the repairs was under the city’s budgeted amount. Westover has a budget contingency of $50,000 set aside for the   repairs.

“Their total on this is $31,170, which is well under what we had budgeted for that,” he said, “So I’m going to, since this is an emergency situation, I’m going to give them the go-ahead and they are going to start work in the first of September on that.

“They told me it would probably be about a week, or maybe less, until they get the job done.”

According to the report, Westover will provide the stones for the repairs, and the contractors will provide  other materials.

In the meeting, Johnson said Westover would provide the stones from other parts of the wall that had fallen down.

Johnson later said the part of the wall being repaired was a danger  because it could “fall into traffic and cause an accident,” thus the declaration of an emergency situation.

Second Ward council member Ralph Mullins said he was thrilled the wall would be under repairs soon.

“I’m pleased,” he said. “It was declared an emergency situation some time ago, and the mayor has the authority to fix it. That’s exactly what he’s doing, so he’s protecting the public safety and the public interest and that’s a good thing. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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