State needs to audit road-buliding program

Delmar Hagedorn Jr., Morgantown

The Legislature needs to make sure the economics in the Road to Prosperity program are utilized for the intended highways. Regular auditing should be required.

West Virginia does not need another entity thinking it is beyond prudent financial control.

This idealism of immunity from being censored or penalized for dishonesty, extravagant spending of public funds or deception needs eliminated. The state Supreme Court is an example as is Gov. Jim Justice’s election as a Democrat and then his turning his back on the Democratic Party almost immediately after elected. It looks like a collusioned Trump (national) and Justice (state) plan.

And the Legislature needs to ascertain and verify the governor’s reimbursement to West Virginia of taxes his companies owed was legal and adequate. This too appears to be equivalent to Donald Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax return(s). If evidence of Justice’s repayment is not forthcoming, then there surely is another state entity thinking it is beyond voters, taxpayers, state Constitution’s reproach.

It is vital therefore the Legislature ensure auditing of the Roads to Prosperity program and also enact legislation to ensure an elected official remain in his elected party for the office term or resign.

Let’s close the loopholes for achieving deception and getting immunity for using taxpayers’ money irresponsibly.

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