Bruceton Mills man pleads guilty to strangulation

KINGWOOD — A Bruceton Mills man charged with kidnapping, strangulation and attempted first-degree murder pleaded guilty to strangulation in Preston Circuit Court Friday.

Under a plea agreement, the other charges against Virgil Lee Hall were dropped. Pennsylvania also agreed to drop charges under the agreement, according to Assistant Prosecutor Savannah Wilkins. The plea agreement recommends Hall be placed on home confinement.

According to the criminal complaint: Hall forced the victim into the passenger seat of his vehicle. He drove down Fox Hollow Road, where he went into a corn field and struck several trees. The truck got stuck on a tree and the victim ran from Hall.

Then, according to the complaint, Hall brought her back to the vehicle and drove until the truck died, then dragged her to his residence. During the walk he threw her into bushes and trees, causing bruising and a broken right rib.

Hall grabbed the victim by the throat and choked her until she couldn’t breathe, then took her into the house and threw her on the bed, according to police. He grabbed scissors and ordered the victim to cut his tonsils out so he could finish killing her. When she refused, he grabbed a loaded .38 caliber revolver and held it to her temple, pinning her to the bed and told her he was going to kill her.

According to the police report, during this, he pleaded with God to give him a sign so he could finish killing her. He finally stated he was tired and needed sleep but he would have to tie the victim up so he could kill her later.

He stripped the victim to her underwear and told her she couldn’t run, according to the complaint. After he fell asleep the victim escaped to a friend’s house.

Wilkins said both the victim and Preston Sheriff’s Lt. T.E. Mitter, who was the investigating officer, agreed to the plea bargain. Wilkins said she believed the plea agreement was in the best interest of justice.

Judge Steven L. Shaffer ordered a pre-sentencing report and ordered Hall to take a drug test after the hearing.

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