There’s no place like home for health care: U.S. News gives WVU Medicine top ratings

Ever get the idea that everyone ends up at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital eventually?

Of course, that’s everyone who lives in the greater Morgantown area and throughout this region.

Yes, many of us may end up at another area hospital initially or be referred to one later. But Ruby is the hub for health and medicine in Morgantown.

It’s also the hub, or flagship hospital, for eight WVU Medicine system hospitals around the state, including United Health Center, in Bridgeport.

WVU Medicine’s stamp is also on scores, if not hundreds, of outpatient and specialty facilities from A-W statewide and out of state, too.

But some will argue that big doesn’t always mean anything is necessarily better.

However, in the case of this system it can let rankings by U.S. News & World Report do its talking.

This week, as part of its 2018-’19 Best Hospitals in the United States, U.S. News recognized Ruby Memorial and three WVU Medicine system hospitals.

Recognized seems too polite of a way to describe how Ruby Memorial Hospital was ranked in three conditions among 4,500 medical centers nationwide. Those three rankings — 22nd in urology, 28th in diabetes and endocrinology and 38th in gynecology — are top of the line.

Ruby Memorial was also ranked as the top hospital in West Virginia. Furthermore, Ruby was ranked as High Performing in five specialties, including cancer and neurology and neurosurgery.

The three WVU Medicine system hospitals in Bridgeport, Ranson and Parkersburg also were awarded the High Performing rating in heart failure.

We applaud WVU Medicine’s achievements and especially its employees’ contributions, who provide this high quality health care. It’s clear that these ratings mean a lot to this health and hospital system and they should.

However, these honors also mean even more to this community and our quality of life. Though this quality of health care in our backyard is often taken for granted, from any perspective, it’s the greatest gift of all.

True, we are blessed with a dynamic local economy, the state’s flagship university, easy access to interstate highways, a picture postcard landscape and lots more.

Yet, despite any and all of that, your own good health and your family’s should always rank No. 1 in the best and worst of times.

Knowing that Ruby Memorial Hospital and WVU Medicine’s extensive network of facilities is nearby is no small comfort. Many will never give this news of WVU Medicine’s recent recognition a thought.

But one day you might and when you arrive there you’ll be glad to know you’ll receive top-rated care.

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