Mylan Park hosts back-to-school rally for area students

MORGANTOWN — Parents, students and others gathered Friday evening at Mylan Park for a free back to school rally.

The three-hour event was organized by Deb Mullens, who runs her nonprofit Daughter of the King Ministries Inc., in Morgantown, plus others she called on to volunteer for the cause.

Her ministry hosted the rally for area youth in grades 6-12. She also scheduled a number of informational sessions for parents and other caregivers.

The gathering will be from 7-10 p.m. at the expanse on Chaplin Road.

Prior to the rally, Mullens said she does this to help “young people get the tools they need to make the right decisions. Parents get the knowledge and awareness they need so they know what to look for.”

The evening included live music from Christian-based bands, plus free food and activities.

Scheduled speakers included a Division I baseball coach and a successful businessman, both of whom blend their religious faith into their professional lives.

A question-and-answer session, titled, #parentsreality: Do You Know the Warning Signs?, featured a social worker, Morgantown police officer and the parent of a child who died

from addiction.

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